Migration At Matthew McCormick Studio

The Challenge

Founded in 2013, Matthew McCormick Studio is a multi-disciplinary design house based in Vancouver that produces distinctive lighting and artistic installations. The studio designs, manufactures, and globally distributes McCormick’s distinctive collection. Combining the tradition of handcrafted process with cutting edge technology, Matthew McCormick Studio constantly pursues the extraordinary. To complement the Studio’s custom project pipeline, PropelU Cloud Solutions was engaged to assist Matthew McCormick Studio withMicrosoft 365 migration services for all employees and integration of Outlook with the NetSuiteERP system. Crucially, this project took place with zero service disruption to the studio team.

The Objective:

The project was conducted within a two-week period and included the following activities:

  • Defining Needs and Project Goals: The engagement kicked off withan exploratory meeting to discuss the end goals and systems needs of Matthew McCormick Studio. From this meeting, Propel was able to create a detailed Project Plan that outlined the system requirements, all necessary steps, an a proposed implementation schedule.
  • Syncing Data for a Seamless Switch: Working alongside key staff members at Matthew McCormick Studio, Propel was able to sync email inboxes and other key informationfrom G-Suite to Microsoft 365 prior to migration and without impacting day to day operations – ensuring a seamless transition in the cut-over stage.
  • Systems Testing and Configuration: Through meeting directly with Matthew McCormick Studio staff as well as extensive systems testing, Propel made certain that the migration would be successful well before launching the new Microsoft platform. This stage set the project up for success, proactively identifying any issues in the system.
  • System Launch and Continuing Support: Propel worked closely with staff at Matthew McCormick Studio to create a no-sweat transition to Microsoft 365. By sticking around to help train users and staying in contact after the migration, PropelU Cloud Solutions and Matthew McCormick Studio worked together to make sure the project was a true success.

The Results

The Microsoft 365 Migration and NetSuite integration set Matthew McCormick Studio up with the correct tools to continue growing their business and creating unique and distinctive pieces for display in tastefully curated homes and artistic spaces globally. Through working together with frontline staff at Matthew McCormick Studio, Propel made certain that there were no service disruptions and a seamless transition was achieved. After migration, user training was prioritized to ensure that adoption rates were high and users at Matthew McCormick Studio took full advantage of their powerful new tools.

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