Overcoming Virtual Burnout

Chat. Meetings. Calls.

For the vast majority, the transition to Microsoft Teams over the past year was a necessity. A readily available solution for remote employees to host meetings, conduct calls and live chat with colleagues from their new WFH office.

With the return office-to-face meetings seeming far-fetched any time soon, and burnout from video calls manifesting daily, online tools such as MS Teams have become the unfortunate victims of our loathe. However, this does not have to be the case. Many of us are likely unaware of the new features that Microsoft has been deploying to include some much needed variety in our interactions with the platform.

With virtual meetings sticking around for the foreseeable future, here are 3 things you can do today to refresh your approach:

1. Together Mode

Change up the scene of your next meeting with Together Mode. Upgrade from the static gallery view to a fun virtual environment! Host your next townhall in the virtual auditorium or make it whimsical with an undersea adventure – Microsoft continues to release new scenes, all accessible by selecting Change Scenein the bottom left corner of your meeting once you’re in Together mode.

2. 50 Minutes Meetings:

The ease of scheduling back-to-back online meetings combines with the notable absence of the break we used to have walking from room to room, contributing to our current meeting fatigue. Recover this crucial transition time by committing to 50-minute meetings and give yourself the needed break. Microsoft’s automatic banner will pop-up when you reach the last five minutes of your meeting help you stay on trackand remind everyone it is time to wrap things up.

3. Protect Your Time:

According to one study from UC Irvine, it takes 23 minutes to refocus on a task after a distraction. MS Teamsallows you to protect your time for focused work without interruptions. Use the integrated Viva InsightsApp and select Book Time to reserve a time slot where notifications from chats and calls will be minimized.

What features would you like to see to make your virtual work a little more palatable? Do you have any tips on combatting the meeting fatigue? Find us on our social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – and let us know!

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