Thank you for this!... It looks like I am all set up, and SharePoint is now synced in OneDrive on my computer. I really appreciate the support.


Thank you so much for the meetings and training today and also this email. What I am seeing is good here...We are good!
Brodie Nauss

Great group of Staff who are extremely knowledgeable about management consulting and process improvement. Would definitely recommend.

Style In Form

My first ever Outlook email is to you – so appropriate. Thank you for setting us up and also staying late with us on Friday night. You have the patience of a saint. I have always been the biggest proponent of Gmail but I like Outlook better already. I finally get to use a font I like.

Societies of Notaries Public of BC

Great service and support. Fully explained what was going on and why and went the extra mile in assisting through the transition with staff.